About the Creative Team

Small Fries – Is the comic strip brainchild of Gerald Haynes and Mel Rivera. Two friends who spend much of the day laughing their way through it. Both are fathers whose kids drive them to the brink of insanity, failing to yield the right of way to on coming traffic!

Small fries – will mirror some of their own antics growing up. Mel, coming from the wide-open fields of beautiful, lush green grassy meadows of the South Bronx, NYC. And Gerald grew up on the mean tough streets of Charleston, South Carolina!

We now live vicariously through Benny (and Wart his pet frog), Gerald Dean, Mijo, Percival (a.k.a. Bonus the rich kid) and others to follow. So come back as often as you can, if you don’t Gerald knows this guy, who for a few dollars will brea…